Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

SCCI produces high-quality electronic technical publications. For more than 12 years, SCCI has provided Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) development for Department of Defense (DoD) customers.

Our Experience

Person utilizing an interactive electronic technical manual.
Person utilizing an interactive electronic technical manual.

We excel in developing IETMs for application software to support such customers as:

  • US Navy's Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TTWCS)
  • US Air Force's Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

Our Products

We produce the following technical documentation:

  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPB)
  • Interactive Support System (ISS) content

Our Competitive Edge

Our team uses the following technologies to develop state-of-the-art IETMs:

  • A single-source authoring approach that uses Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) to cost-effectively update and reuse existing content to create flexible output options
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) browsers for the presentation layer to ensure the IETM products are portable to many different hardware and software configurations