Seaport-NxG Services

Quality Assurance

SCCI policy is to work continually with our customers in the evolution of their requirements. We design, develop, produce, and provide products and services to meet your evolving needs. We anticipate certain task orders under this contract vehicle will require the development of a Quality Assurance (QA) plan. Our team will develop a tailor-made plan that fits your task order.

We provide a high level of value to our customers through continual improvement of processes, products, and services. Our QA team documents our Quality Management System (QMS) in our Management and Quality System manual and provides guidance to all of our employees on following these principles. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to implement, maintain, and improve the QMS. All employees are required to know and comply with all QA policies, guidelines, and requirements.

Our senior managers have overall responsibility for the quality of the products delivered to the customer. The QA focal point for the company and customer is the Requirements, Testing, and Training team (RT&T). This group has the authority to report directly to senior management in order to provide the independent reporting channel necessary for resolving quality-related issues. The RT&T group meets annually with management to review and update their written plan of activities, and managers at all levels continually review QA activities and results. Senior management addresses any issues that affect the quality of our products or services.