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Seaport-e: Quality Assurance

The SCCI quality policy is to work continually with our customers in the evolution of their requirements, and to design, develop, produce and provide products and services to meet those evolving needs. SCCI will provide a high level of value to its customers through continual improvement of its processes, products, and services.  SCCI has established and documented a quality management system defined in our Management and Quality System Manual as well as other supporting documents.  SCCI management is committed to providing the resources necessary to implement, maintain, and improve the quality management system. All SCCI employees are required to comply with the policies, guidelines, and requirements of the documented quality management system.

Our senior managers have overall responsibility for the quality of the products to be delivered to the customer. The Quality Assurance focal point is the Process Improvement Group. This group has the authority to report directly to senior management, up to and including the Company President, in order to provide the independent reporting channel necessary for resolving quality-related issues. The Process Improvement Group has a written plan of activities (which includes review of project processes, standards, and plans) that is reviewed by management and updated annually. Managers at all levels review QA activities and results at periodic process reviews.  Inputs are provided to senior management concerning issues that are anticipated to affect the quality of work products. This group also serves as the focal point for interfacing with customer QA representatives.

SCCI anticipates that certain task orders issued under this contract will require the development of a Quality Assurance Plan. If so required, a detailed plan will be developed that is tailored to the specific needs of the task order.

Quality Assurance