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Information Management Systems

Information Management Systems

SCCI provides engineering and technical services for development and support of management information systems and relational database applications. We use a structured development approach, organized in strategy, analysis, design, build, transition, test, and production phases. These phases are built upon process tasks associated with each development phase to reliably progress from one phase to the next.

To successfully deliver an application using the mentioned approach, prior experience in relational and object-oriented database design, and web application design is applied utilizing various tools sets such as Java, Oracle, JDeveloper, PHP, XML, Internet Application Server (IAS), HTML, and others, as required. Additionally, expertise in SQL and experience performing database administration (DBA) functions are employed.

Our team works directly with end-users and stake-holders to fully understand business processes and provide information flow analysis. Many organizations are made up of multiple groups which may cause duplicated data. Our team is experienced at transitioning data from one system to another through data fusing. We have migrated legacy systems to newer technology, as well as integrated into existing applications. All application development fully takes the end-user into account to provide an intuitive user interface design, as well as ad-hoc reporting and query tools to maximize usability.

Our current database application products include the Advanced Configuration Control and Engineering Status System (ACCESS), Retrofit/Upgrade Installation Database (RUGID), Product Data Tracker (PDT), and Logistics Issue Tracking System (LITS).